Faux design

Faux finishing is the art of using sophisticated painting methods and materials to give the appearance of stone, marble, metal or wood, or to add architectural style to your space. Faux finishing design techniques add excitement, value and beauty to your home or office. These techniques include color washing, frottage, sponging and will create a mood and/or the illusion of texture.  Should you desire a “real” texture effect, Venetian plaster, textural plaster, or a crackle faux finish can add texture and variation to a space or object within a space.  An “Old World” (another word?) effect can be achieved by using antiquing and distressing glazes and creates a feeling of elegance.  All of the many Faux finishing techniques can be applied to cabinets, furniture, floors, walls, ceilings, wrought iron or wooden (?) railing, canvas, moldings, fireplaces, decor accessories and stone. If you would like to add charm or distinction to your bare walls, look at some of our creative faux finishing ideas to get started.  There is no limit to the many options available.